Testimonials in Brampton

Lower back pain – 12 years.
Neck pain, arm pain and feet pain – 1 year
Tried chiropractic , physiotherapy, pain killers and anti-inflammatories. Found Dr. Glatter through the internet. Had an initial exam and X-Rays and got a full diagnosis of all my conditions. Dr. Glatter recommended a treatment program of 3 months to ensure the best results. I got excellent results with the treatment program, my initial condition was bad at first, pain, headaches, vision issues and more. My quality of life was poor, thankfully now it is much improved. It is most important to complete your program for best results, and follow up with a maintenance program.. BE PATIENT!!
Neil F
I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my low back in December 2019. I suffered with low back pain that shot to my hip and down my leg. I had previously tried physiotherapy but that did not help. I saw an advertisement for Spinal Decompression, and I started treatments in December 2020. At that time I could hardly walk or even sit for 5 minutes, the pain was 10 plus plus. After a few weeks of spinal decompression treatments, my pain has decreased and I am able to sit for longer periods of time. I have improved by being able to move better and to sit and stand longer. I would recommend this treatment for others that are suffering with a bulging disc. It worked for me.
Vashti M
I had been suffering with bulging discs at L4 and L5, which was causing extreme pain. I was unable to move for 2 days. I had been experiencing this type of flair up periodically over the last 15-18 years, but since 2015, the pain was becoming more severe. In the past, rest along with painkillers and muscle relaxing medications was the only treatment. My family doctor recommended that I see a Chiropractor. Dr. Glatter did an initial assessment, including X-rays and determined that I had a bulging disc and severe degeneration. He recommended spinal decompression treatments (20 in total). My first treatment proved to be extremely painful, but by the 4th session, the pain had nearly all subsided. By the end of the 20 treatments, I felt better than I had in years. I am no longer experiencing any pain and I can resume normal everyday activities. The total process took 6 weeks, which was much quicker than my previous approach of rest and medication would normally take. I would highly recommend this procedure for anyone experiencing pain from a bulging disc.
Tony S
My back pain had gotten worse in the last 8 years. I tried physiotherapy, massage and 3 other chiropractors. I saw an ad in the local paper about spinal decompression and I was encouraged to try one last thing to see if it could help. My family doctor kept saying it was “arthritis”, but I couldn’t believe that this severe pain was just “arthritis.” After having an evaluation, I was accepted for treatments and I started the recommended course of treatments. I was amazed at the difference after my first spinal decompression treatment. I feel you have to try everything to help control the pain. I will now try to maintain my improvement by having regular sessions.
Donna M
I suffered with back and neck pains. The pain was very sharp and burning and I couldn’t sleep through the night. One morning I woke up in severe pain, and I googled chiropractor in Brampton and found Dr. Glatter. He examined me and took X-Rays and found the problem. After my first treatment, I was able to sleep through the night. I was very surprised that I felt so much better after one treatment. After completing the treatment program, my pain is alot better and I am feeling good. I really appreciate Dr. Glatter’s help, I would recommend anyone who has a back problem to see Dr. Glatter.
Bhupinder S
I suffered with bulging discs in my lower back for 6-8 months of worsening pain. I had difficulities doing simple tasks such as standing and bending. I had previously tried physio, accupuncture, and massage, nothing was working. I was referred to Dr. Glatter by my pharmacist, whose mother had attended Dr. Glatter’s office for spinal decompression. I tried spinal decompression for 6 weeks and it made a huge improvement, my lower back feels amazing again. I can stand and bend without pain, do my regular routines without discomfort. Even my neck started to feel better. I highly recommend this treatment with Dr. Glatter.
Pamela H
I had severe sciatic pain on my right side and it was preventing me from doing my daily routine. My pain started in 2013 and got better but it reoccured in July 2017. I had seen 2 physios and 2 chiropractors at different locations. I found Dr. Glatter through the internet. My condition improved very well. The Spinal Decompression is a helpful treatment to reduce and avoid the pain and it helps to get you back to your routine in a short period of time. The right kind of chiropractic treatment should be considered and taken as not all chiro treatments would work for all type of patients.
Parthiv J
I had pain on my right side of my body for 6 weeks. I thought it was sciatica. I saw an ad in the Brampton Guardian for spinal decompression. I used to go to another chiropractor 1 year ago. I could hardly walk when I first came in and after 4 weeks of Spinal Decompression treatments it is almost 100%. I highly recommend Dr. Glatter, I have been to other clinics and would not consider going anywhere else.
Brenda J
I had severe pain in my lower back. It hurt to the touch. I also suffered with pain across the shoulders and neck. The pain in the lower back started when I had my first child 36 years ago. I tried muscle relaxants, pain killers, oxycontin, a back brace and marijuana. I was recommended to Dr. Glatter by my husband, who has been going for years with great success. Dr. Glatter X-rayed and examined my spine and gave me a full recommendation on the next visit. I went 4 days a week and then 3 days a week. He re-evaluted my condition after 12 treatments. I now can wake up with no headaches and sit in a chair. I was surprised but chiropractic treatments do work.
Donna C
I was paralzied for 3 days, couldn’t move on my own for a least 1 week. I had severe low back pain that was shooting down my right leg. I tried massage and physiotherapy, which did not help. I googled for the best chiropractor in Brampton and I found Dr. Glatter. He conducted an initial examination and assessed me properly. He provided me a 6 week plan of Spinal Decompression and adjustments and home exercises. Thanks to the treatments I received, I am now feeling better and getting my life back. After 3 weeks of treatments, I no longer had to use a cane. I wish I had met Dr. Glatter the first time I had this problem. Thank you Dr. Glatter
Arshveer S
Pain was in my lower back and sciatica. I suffered with it for over 18 months. I tried physiotherapy but it did not help and the pain persisted. My family doctor would not take X-Rays or MRI, all he wanted to do was give me pain medication, which I won’t take. I had gone to another chiropractor, but no X-Rays were taken, and the condition seemed to get worse. I saw an article in the Brampton Guardian, and it said X-Rays would be done, which I wanted, so I would know exactly what was wrong. Dr. Glatter examined and X-Rayed my back, explained my condition and set up a treatment plan. When I first came, I couldn’t bend down to tie my shoes. Now I have the mobility and the pain is gone.
Paul C
I suffered with numbness and tingling in my hands for the past 8 months. Sleeping was difficult. The pain ran down my right arm and my right leg. Sitting and getting up from a seat was very difficult. I went for physiotherapy and took Tylenol every day but that did not help. I saw an ad in the Brampton paper and I though it could not hurt to try Dr. Glatter’s treatments. In the first month, I noticed the pain decreased. After 7 weeks I feel 70% better from when I started. Intially, I had my doubts about spending money I really did not have, but I decided to try anything to improve my mobility. After 2 treatments, I had a different prospective on the chiropractic treatments. I am now able to sleep on my right side and sleep through the night, and to walk without limping. I have seen a huge differnce in my ability to getting in and out of bed and the car. It is worth the chance to take the treatments. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms I suffered with, you will see a big difference in your performance and daily activities.
Jennifer S
I was suffering with low back pain for 6 weeks. My doctor recommended bed rest. I found Dr. Glatter on Google. He put me on a 6 week program of Spinal Decompression treatments. I am 100% better now and am able to do everything again.
Yogesh K
I had severe left leg shooting pain. My pain was 8-9 out of 10. I relied on strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories and lyrica. I had physiotherapy which helped but for a short time and massage made it worse. I was going to another chiropractor who was doing adjustments, but that only helped a little, but Spinal Decompression treatments gave me relief very quickly, within days. Dr. Glatter did a good assessment on me and recommeded 20 decompression treatments. I was in agony in April 2017 and today (August 2017) I am painfree. I am able to walk properly and also do light exercises. Dr. Glatter suggested special stretches which is really helpful. I am now on NO painkillers at all and I am happy that I took the Spinal Decompression treatments. A big thank you to Dr. Glatter.
Pushpa G
Before seeing Dr. Glatter, my lower back was very bad. It affected my life with my family and my health. This problem was ongoing for 1 1/2-2 years before coming to see him. At times it was hard to sit or stand for long periods of time. I tried physiotherapy and regular chiropractic treatments prior to coming to Dr. Glatter. None of it worked. I was skeptical to give chiropractic a try again but then I saw the ad in the Brampton Guardian about Dr. Glatter and the technique he uses and decided to give it one last try. The examination was very thorough and Dr. Glatter took the time to explain the plan of action he thought would work for me. On a scale of 1-10 to feeling better, I’m an 11 compared to when I first started. I am mobile and twisting, turning, sitting, standing, and walking are longer painful. It took 3 1/2 months for this vast improvement. Who would have thought that the small hand held instrument Dr. Glatter uses would help to improve my back pain so much? Not me, but it did!!!
Racquel Q
I suffered with constant lower back pain and restricted movements. I had this condition for over 15 years. I saw an ad in the Brampton Guardian and I thought I should try Dr. Glatter’s method. The reviews were very positive. I did use a previous chiropractor but the results were not effective. The initial visit included a history, examination and X-Rays to see the current condition. These all proved to be very important. My pain has subsided to a point where I feel good throughout the day. I used to live with pain from the time I woke up until bedtime. This was a 12 week program. I saw the results within 4-5 weeks. The methods that Dr. Glatter uses for the adjustments do not cause any pain. There is a level of relief after just a few visits. I have noticed that if I overdo it, I recover very quickly. Before this program, I would take 3-5 days to feel better.
Michael W
I had low back, neck pains and degenerated discs. I had tried physiotherapy but it did not help. I found Dr. Glatter through an internet search and I have always heard positive things about chiropractic care. After about 6-8 weeks I noticed an improvement and gradually I continued to get better. I would recommend Dr. Glatter to anyone with back or neck problems.
Natalia B
I suffered with a pinched nerve in my shoulder and neck areas for over 6 months. I previously tried massage therapy and sometimes medication. I was referred to chiropractic through word of mouth, internet and by a massage therapist. I have improved considerably as far as the pinched nerve goes, but I still feel some discomfort from time to time. Chiropractic care is a good alternative than taking drugs and it works.
Frank L
I have had low back pain for 7 years since I was 16. I was referred by a patient of Dr. Glatter. Dr. Glatter examined and x-ray ed me to see what exactly was wrong and he could then fix and reverse the progression or at least stop the progression. After my first chiropractic treatment, I was already feeling better than I had before. I have improved to do more of the things I love and not having to worry about having lots of pain. Not only did the pain subside, but I also feel a lot healthier and friendly. It felt like it took 1 treatment to feel this way but I think it was at least 5 treatments.
Travis C
I suffer from a pinch nerve in my lower back and also pain down both legs for many years. I had chiropractic and acupuncture treatments many years ago but I did not find the treatments helped. I was referred to Dr. Glatter by a friend and read about Spinal Decompression in the local paper. I still wasn’t sure it would help me. Dr. Glatter explain the treatment procedure. I was very pleased at the equipment used, rather than the old way. The decompression treatment over the last 3 weeks has taken away a lot of the pain in my lower back. New patients like myself should allow time for the treatments to work.
Terrence D
I had back pain for many years (3) or more and it kept getting worse over the years. Walking was hard, standing too long, heavy lifting and even crouching was difficult. The pain also affected my knee and my heel. I tried physiotherapy and painkillers which did not help me at all. A friend with a similar condition told me about Dr. Glatter. I wanted to feel better so I was willing to try anything and so I decided to try it. On my first visit, I had an examination and X-Ray. After seeing the results, which were very bad, I decided to try the treatment after it was explained to me. After 6 weeks of treatments, I can feel and see the difference in how I am walking and also I no longer take painkillers. The treatment really works. Follow the advice of Dr. Glatter. I recommend anyone with back problems to see Dr. Glatter
Maggie F
I had lower back pain. Initial symptoms were 1 year ago, and the pain increased in severity. I could not stand up straight and I had significant pain down the front and back of both legs. I received some relief following the initial spinal decompression treatment and my condition gradully improved. I only have some hip pain. I can stand up straight and the pain down both legs has disappeared.
Rolf M
I suffered with muscle tension, back, knee and foot pains for over a year. I had difficultly sitting and exercising. I lost weight as well as muscle mass. I previously tried physiotherapy and massage. I saw a dramatic improvement once I started treatments with Dr. Glatter. I had less pain and muscle tension and improvement in my mobility. Dr. Glatter has ben very attentive to currant and immediate status as well as the long term plan. Thanks!!
Pat G
I suffered with right elbow pain for 2 1/2 months prior to starting chiropractic treatments with Dr. Glatter. I had considered physiotherapy but decided to try chiropractic treatments instead. I was surprised to learn that I had areas of my spine that contributed to the problems I was having with my hand and elbow and that my spine was not properly aligned due to a loss of arch height in my left foot. This was causing an inward rotation of my leg. When Dr. Glatter recommended a treatment program, I did not hesitate to start. I have regained the strength in my right hand and I have minimal pain in the elbow. There is an improved movement in the neck and shoulder areas. The treatment program took 4 months. The spine can be the root cause of your problem and this would not be easily identified by physiotherapy treatments.
Alisa B
I had lower back pain going down my right leg. I also suffered with neck pain and headaches. I did suffer for about 9 years, but I was not in pain everyday, but when it did happen, usually every 2-3 months, it was really painful. A friend suggested Spinal Decompression therapy because it helped him with a similar condition. I was kind of hopeless with chiropractic treatments because I had gone to other chiropractors. I wanted and needed something different and Dr. Glatter offered that. I had my initial examination and X-Rays, Dr. Glatter then addressed the problem and right away we started the treatments. Just with the first 2 treatments, I felt the difference. I feel amazing, I did complete the treatment program and I couldn’t be happier. I remember Dr. Glatter asking me how old I felt when the problem was at its worst. I said I felt like a 70 year old (I’m only 32). He asked me if I would be happier if he could give me the 38 years back, and of course I said yes. I would personally recommend Dr. Glatter to anyone who wants to improve their health. He is an amazing doctor and his techniques works 100%. Don’t wait until your problem worsens or lays you up in bed. Look for help and look for the best. Dr. Glatter gave me back my life and I thank him for that. P.S. I would also like to thank Cassandra, his assistant. She is a wonderful person, with lots of patience. Thanks for putting up with me and my kids.
Marilyn H
My initial condition was very bad, I suffered with lower back pain. I previously tried physiotherapy and massage therapy a few years ago, but it took a much longer time. I came to see Dr. Glatter because I saw his sign while shopping next door. Chiropractic treatments works efficiently and effectively. I was initially examined and X-Rayed. Dr. Glatter discussed the recommendations and I liked the response, so I did not hesitate a moment to start the treatments immediately, ASAP. To a great extent, I can now do all the housework, go for my daily walks and swim once a week. It took about 3 months of treatments, and stretching exercises done regularly to strengthen the back. I am very happy with the treatments. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone suffering with low back pain without hesitation. The Activator and Thumper are excellent tools. I will be happy to refer new patients to you.
Glenn D
I suffered with severe low back pain, hip pains, leg pains, buttocks pain and trigeminal neuralgia (pain in the face) for several months before seeking help, relying on Aleve and Advil, which were non-effective. I looked for a chiropractor in the Yellow Pages, I was very skeptical about using a Chiropractor, as I never went to one before, but I decided to give it a try. Dr. Glatter did a full examination and took X-Rays. Then he explained the findings and recommended a treatment program. I didn’t feel any improvement after my first few treatments, but I was prepared to follow the recommended course of treatments and I’m glad I did. My condition has improved substantially, at least 75%, including a lessening of the trigeminal neuralgia episodes and pain, a true God send! The Activator Method was a complete surprise to me. I expected Chiropractic to be more directly “hands on” and severe. I now can turn my head from side to side without pain and stiffness, something I haven’t been able to do for years.
Elaine A
I suffered with low back pain that was radiating down my right leg. I tried other chiropractor and acupuncture, but I only got temporary relief. I saw an ad in the Brampton Guardian. I went on the internet and checked out Spinal Decompression treatments. I have improved 99% from my initial visit. I would highly recommend spinal decompression for anyone suffering with herniated discs.
Angelo S
The first time I visited Dr. Glatter, even with assistance, I could barely walk. My problem was a herniated disc which was causing me excruciating pain in my lower back and down my legs. After one month of spinal decompression treatments, the pain is gone, the strength is returning in my knees and I am back to walking without assistance. I searched for chiropractors on the internet because two weeks of physiotherapy plus one week of acupuncture had brought me zero relief. In simple language, “Spinal Decompression treatments works and I give Dr. Glatter my highest recommendation!”
Carl Carty
I lost movement in my right leg. The pain was constant that it ran down my right leg to my foot. I could barely drive and I would use my belt to tie around my leg to numb the pain so I could drive. My right hip felt dislocated all the time. I felt that I was going cripple. I was constantly taking anti-inflammatory drugs, stomach medications and muscle relaxants. I went to physiotherapy and had acupuncture treatments, which did not help. My sister is a nurse and she suggested that I see a chiropractor. I was examined and X-Rayed by Dr. Glatter. He explained my problem and gave me two different treatment options. It has taken 6 months of treatments to relieve the pain, restore movement and no more medications. I can still feel mild pulling but it is not painful and my movements have returned to 90-95% of my original movement. I can drive comfortably and even wear dress shoes for several hours. Dr. Glatter’s treatments is the only treatment that has helped me. It is not a quick fix, so you must be committed and stick to it. I would recommend Dr. Glatter to anyone.
Tammy S
I had severe low back, leg and hip pains for over a year. I tried physiotherapy and another chiropractor, but with no results. I was recommended to Dr. Glatter by a family friend who is a patient of Dr. Glatter’s. Dr. Glatter provided Spinal Decompression and spinal manipulation treatments. My pain has been reduced by 80%.
Kuldip J
I came to the clinic with severe lower back pain. I couldn’t stand straight or walk for more than 10 min. without numbness in my left leg. I had this pain for almost 8 years. I had tried doing exercises and occasionally physiotherapy. I read the ad in the local newspaper. I was always worried about going to a chiropractor because I didn’t know much about it and you heard all kinds of different stories. I was examined and put on the decompression table and different pressures of stretch was applied to my body. At first, it was a bit painful, but as the treatments progressed, I started feeling that I was getting straighter and I had more strength to walk around. The quality of my life has improved. I am not in pain all the time. There is more improvement needed, but it’s going in the right direction. It took me 6 weeks to be at this position. My problem has improved by 50%.
Ali Z
I was in excruciating pain that was radiating down my leg for 2 weeks. I could not sit, stand or lie down. I tried osteopathy but it did not help. My daughter saw an ad in the Brampton Guardian about Dr. Glatter and Spinal Decompression. I had an initial examination and X-Rays and Dr. Glatter explained what caused my condition. Dr. Glatter gave me two treatment options, and I opted for the Spinal Decompression treatments. After the fourth treatment, I definitely felt an improvement. I was able to sleep again, sit and stand.
Linda M
I suffered with leg pains going down both legs for 5 years and it was getting worse. I had a hard time walking and standing. I tried different chiropractors and wore a back brace and took pain medications. I responded well to Dr. Glatter’s treatments and I have had a good improvement. I can walk pretty good and stand a lot longer and I have no leg pains and no medications. I would recommend Dr. Glatter, it worked for me!!
Kathy D
I suffered with back and leg pains. I was unable to walk without a cane. My doctor prescribed pain pills for a pinched nerve, bug it did not work. I was a previous patient of Dr. Glatter and I had good results. When I started the treatments, my pain level was a 10 and I had to use a cane to walk. After 2-3 weeks my pain was a 2-3 and now it is 0. Chiropractic does work!!
Craig K
My initial condition was severe pain in my upper and lower back. I suffered for 3 long months before seeking help. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. I tried pain pills and medicated creams and I was referred to a pain centre for pain management by my family doctor. I was not accepted because my doctor referred me for acute pain rather than chronic pain. I came across an ad in the Brampton Guardian. I never had any doubts. I just wished I had only sought more information about chiropractic doctors. They are the doctors who can truly help us. Dr. Glatter did a consultation, x-rays and scanned both my feet. By doing all this, I was able to find out what my problem was that was causing so much pain. I have improved greatly since starting my therapy. It took 6 weeks before I really started feeling great and getting my life back. I would recommend to a new patient that if you really want to be pain free, seek a chiropractic doctor. I chose Dr. Glatter and would highly recommend new patients to him. Thank you Dr. Glatter for helping me get my life back.
Debbie H
I have been seeing Dr. Glatter off and on now for over 30 years now. I hurt my back playing football back in high school. My family doctor at the time told me that I had to stop playing football and lifting weights. My football coach recommended me to Dr. Glatter. I was able to continue to play 2 more years of football after starting my treatments. Now I am 49 years old, and I still lift weights 4-5 days a week as well as play hockey twice a week. Thanks to Dr. Glatter for letting me continue to do the sports that I love to do. I now go for maintenance once a month for my back.
Steve M
Dr. Arnie Glatter is simply amazing. When I met Dr. Glatter, I could barely walk. There was no feeling in my lower extremities. He has brought me back to the land of the living. I am now mostly pain free and, more so, have greater mobility. Dr. Glatter cares about his patients, their well-being and their lifestyle. He is the total package. I am always recommending people to him, because he is honest to a fault, never painting a false picture to his patients. Great job Dr. G.
Halima H
I had a herniated disc which caused severe back and leg pains. The pain increased in the last 5 years. I’ve taken various types of medications as well as naturopathic medicines. I asked my doctor to refer me. Of course, I had my doubts. Nothing else was working, but I was hopeful that this would be my answer to a medicine free and pain free life. I can now sleep, play with my children and work without pain. The pain does come back once in a while, but it isn’t as often or as strong as it used to be.
Paulo M
I had 2-4 degenerated discs in my neck. I suffered with it for 6 months. I was taking painkillers and doing physiotherapy. I was referred to Dr. Glatter by my family doctor. I received 20 decompression treatments, and all the pain, numbness and discomfort are gone. I have been pain free for 2 years. For me, the decompression treatments have been a miracle. The pills were making me sick and physiotherapy wasn’t effective. I have stopped physiotherapy and the painkillers.
Steve C
While driving or sitting for extended periods, I would get sharp pains in my left upper chest at my shoulder. Dr. Glatter diagnosed the problem with an examination and X-rays, then performed treatments to fix the problem. Treatment included weekly visits and periodic re-evaluations to track my progress. I no longer have pains while driving or sitting for long periods and have noticed improved posture. Chiropractic care is something everyone should use when they are not feeling 100%. It makes sense to look into it, because the spine houses all the nerves that control all the functions of the body.
Steve D
I suffered with low back pain. It remained constant. I could never forget it was there. I learned to block it out and live with it. I expected that it would disappear over time as no one could tell me what was causing the problem. My family doctor wasn’t supportive. I saw an ad for back decompression therapy and thought that might be the answer. I had been to another clinic about decompression and was “pressured” to undergo therapy at a high cost and up-front payment. I was glad to hear from Dr. Glatter that this treatment was not recommended and there wasn’t high pressure to do alternative chiropractic treatment or pay up-front for the treatments. I wanted to evaluate my progress and determine if it was actually working for me. After a month or two of treatments, I realized that the constant pain and discomfort was gone, and I could forget about having pain for days at a time. The greatest benefit is that I can “forget” I actually have back problems, unless of course I do more extreme things, which I will then notice more discomfort which subsides again fairly soon. The treatments worked for me and gave me back a pain free life.
Sandra G
I had lower back pain for just over 2 years, which made it hard to do anything without pain. I went on the internet and found Dr. Glatter. I no longer have pain or take pain medications or wear a back brace. I was really surprised how chiropractors can fix someone with back pain. I would recommend Dr. Glatter to anyone with back pain, as I was pessimistic with doing the treatments.
John C
I had sciatica that would only bother me occasionally, but the condition worsened over many years. I began to have numbness in the right calf and more lower back pain, and I noticed atrophy on the right side of my lower body. Numbness in the right leg was now every day and more severe. A friend recommended Dr. Glatter, and she had good results with his Activator treatments. Lower back pain is now a very rare occurrence for me. Recurrent numbness and pain has improved greatly. I have odd reminders of my underlying condition, but now it is manageable. This was over a one-and-a-half year period. I only have treatments once a month now.
Mark R
I had neck, leg and lower back pain for several years. In the past 2 years, the pain had become constant and unbearable. My wife encouraged me to seek chiropractic treatment. Initially, I did not hold out much hope that it would work. I was happily surprised at the results. The pain has almost completely subsided, while previously, it was debilitating. This is excellent! I am very pleased! I would recommend Dr. Glatter without hesitation.
Joe P
I’ve had lower back pain for over 12 years. It was getting much worse and affecting my quality of life. I tried medications, physio, etc., but never felt it was treated correctly. The medication only helped with the pain but didn’t fix the problem. I took many different anti-inflammatory medications, iced my back and exercised, but it wasn’t getting better. I was depressed and angry at being in constant pain but didn’t know where to turn. My family doctor referred me to Dr. Glatter. I was nervous about starting, but once I met Dr. Glatter and had my consultation, I felt very comfortable and looked forward to my treatments and relieving my constant pain. I noticed an improvement with my first treatment, and I kept getting better with every treatment. I have been coming for three months, and my pain level is not even measured as 1 on a scale of 1-10. I can do things now that I had a lot of trouble doing before, even just washing my floors. I am so happy now! I recommend that you call Dr. Glatter’s office and have a consultation to get an assessment and a diagnosis. Dr. Glatter really cares about all of his patients. He is very kind and patient.
Patricia W
I had severe pain in the lower back and upper left leg. The pain restricted movement and seriously interrupted my sleep. Walking was limited to a few yards. Movement of up to 50-60 yards required a walker, and anything beyond that, I needed a wheelchair. Physical therapy was ineffective. Surgery only provided some relief but did little to improve my mobility. Nerve blocks and acupuncture proved ineffective. The pain has been significantly reduced both in intensity and frequency. My ability to walk and to carry out household chores has improved markedly. The chiropractic treatments have been of great benefit in this case and have significantly reduced dependence on pain relief medications.
Jesse L
I had severe low back pain. I was previously diagnosed with two herniated discs and two bulging discs. I had pain for some two months before seeking spinal decompression treatments. After finishing the treatment program, I am almost completely back to normal. No more pain!
Joseph C
I suffered with sciatica nerve pain. I had it for six months in my right leg. It was very painful when sitting. I saw an ad in the Brampton Guardian. I took the decompression treatments, and the pain started to ease after about ten treatments. I had twenty treatments and the pain was gone. The treatments work!
William P
I suffered with lower back and leg pain for approximately four years. The condition was slowly worsening over time until walking was virtually impossible without a lot of pain. I was referred to Dr. Glatter by a friend who saw an ad in the paper. My friend also knew of someone (age in 80s) who’s quality of life improved after treatments with Dr. Glatter. Overall, my condition has improved, and I am now pain free. These treatments have improved the quality of my life.
Ninetta M
My initial condition was of excruciating pain, which I endured for four long years. I was constantly going to doctors/specialist. Pain was located in the back and down the legs, particularly the right leg. It was so severe that I could not lie on my right side, making sleep impossible. Not one of the doctors I attended recommended chiropractic care. I saw an ad in the Brampton Guardian, and I immediately called for an appointment. I was given a thorough examination, and a set of X-rays of my back were taken. I was amazed that I could feel results after the very first treatment. My condition has improved 90%. It is the first time in 4 years that I was able to go Christmas shopping, bake my favourite cakes and entertain at home again. All this after only six weeks of treatment! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Glatter for his treatment and support and for giving me my life back.
Jean W
I suffered with sciatica, low back pain and numbness in the legs and knees for approximately 1 year. I was prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, Tylenol 3s and physiotherapy. I never had an X-ray or proper diagnosis. I refused any more physiotherapy, because my condition was getting worse, and I had to demand an X-ray and MRI. I was told there was nothing else that medicine could do for me; just take extra strength Tylenol and live with the pain. I looked for someone who specialized in my condition, and I found Dr. Glatter. After the first treatment on the DRX 9000, I got the feeling back in my legs and knees, the first time I felt that in over 1 year. Pain is almost gone, and I can move around better.
Patrick S
I had severe jabbing pain in the lower back above the hip, causing some significant muscle spasms, which I have been suffering with for several years, but most significantly in the last year. Twenty sessions over a 7 week period resulted in a complete change in my back pain and symptoms.
James T
I was unable to sit, stand, dress and walk. I was in complete agony and ill from the pain. Within 4-5 treatments, I was much better. I am pain free and able to work and walk 3 miles daily. It took about 3 weeks to feel healed.
Sally C
I suffered for 7 years with constant back pain, leg cramps and the inability to walk without pain. I had back surgery in May of 2011. My leg cramps appear to have gone and the back pain is only occasional now, and it doesn’t last. I can now walk pain free. There is an alternative to invasive surgery. Dr. Gatter appears to have a genuine concern for his patient’s health and well-being, which is a pleasant difference from surgeons.
John M
I have improved 90%, and it took over a 2 month period. Now I can walk, exercise and enjoy life much better. I will recommend this treatment to anyone who has a back problem. New patients should not hesitate to talk to Dr. Glatter if they have any problems with their backs. He will take the time to sit with you and listen to your problems before prescribing treatments.
Katija M
I have improved extremely well and felt a huge difference around 3 weeks into the program. I am able to return to my full active duties, both at work and recreation.
Joe B
I have improved tremendously, and in about 8 weeks into the treatment, I was almost pain free, and my mobility was and has since been very great. I will particularly encourage patients to undergo the DRX 9000 treatment.
Harrison O
When I was at my worst, on a scale of 1-10, I was a 10 plus-plus, and I can tolerate quite a bit of pain. Now after 6 weeks of treatments, I am pain free. As with anything new or unknown, you must do research and read all reviews. When you find a person or product you can trust, don’t stop and think, get started and follow through.
Sandra H
Compared to the condition I was in when I waked in the clinic, it is like night and day. I’m straight and can walk normally. I recovered some strength in my back and lost 9 pounds. The DRX 9000 was an investment in restoring my health (back) to an improved condition. It was worth every cent I paid. Why suffer needlessly when there is a tool to help us get better?
Pierre L
My condition has vastly improved since completing the spinal decompression therapy. The course of the therapy lasted 6 weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed my spinal decompression therapy.
Charlie D
I suffered with low back pain for 15 years, but in August 2013, the pain moved down my right leg. I could not stand up, walk or lie down, and I slept in a folding Muskoka chair. I was taking 2 to 4 ibuprofen and Voltaren® a day. I was referred to Dr. Glatter by my family doctor. Dr. Glatter reviewed my MRI and X-rays and explained that I had 2 bulging discs in my lower back. This was pressing on a nerve causing pain and numbness in my lower back and right leg. I had 6 weeks of treatments of spinal decompression, and I can walk at work for 8 hours with no pain.
Gary N
I was suffering with extreme lower back pain caused by 2 bulging and degenerated discs which was pinching the sciatic nerve. This condition impeded my mobility and the pain was excruciating in the lower back and down the back of my left leg. I referred by my family doctor and I was interested in chiropractic on account of hearing about spinal decompression. I was impressed with the exam and treatment plan, and after the first treatment on the DRX 9000 I have to say that I felt less worried about my condition. I’m glad to have gone ahead with this treatment recommendation, especially as I’m feeling better. I improved from a pain level of 10 to 2-3 within 6 weeks of treatment. At the beginning I couldn’t walk properly, I was hunched over and only had some relief when sitting or lying. A new patient should know that it works! In my situation, which was not being able to walk properly, in excruciating pain and being off work for 8 weeks, to now being back to almost 90 % better than I was, I would highly recommend the spinal decompression treatment.
Robert B
I had 2 discs out, L4 and L5. I was walking with a bend to the right. I could not walk or travel too long without pain going down my right leg. I had tried physiotherapy, chiropractic and acupuncture with only limited success. I was referred by some family members who had visited Dr. Glatter previously. I had 20 sessions on the decompression table with manual manipulations. I have straightened up, no pain along the sciatic nerve, I have increased stamina on physical activities. I would recommend the decompression therapy. It worked for me.
Gurinder G
I had severe lower back pain, the pain went down my leg. I was flat out for about 3 weeks, unable to sit, stand or walk. I was using a heating pad and taking painkillers. My eldest daughter recommended that I see a chiropractor. We Googled for a chiropractor close by and found Dr. Glatter. The Dr. had X-rays done and found the problem. I was told to use ice and not heat. I was given a few stretches to do. The Dr. did the treatment that was required. Within a month of treatments, I was up and about doing housework, cooking, sitting on the sofa and walking. I have also joined a gym. I would suggest that other people try it. It worked for me. I am thankful to Dr. Glatter for helping me get back to my daily lifestyle and my eldest daughter for recommending a chiropractor.
Manjit N
I had a back pain with level L4 & 5 disc problem. I had the pain for over a year that shot from back to my leg. I tried physiotherapy and massage, acupuncture and every king of treatment. I was referred to Dr. Glatter by a friend. Dr. Glatter first carefully examined by back pain and did X-rays so that he knew how bad by back problem. He told me about spinal decompression and spinal adjustments and I was convinced and started my treatments right away. I am much better now and I will recommend to people who have back pain and it is worth to pay. It is a good practice to go to a chiropractor to fix your back pain before it is too late to fix.
Satbir M
In over 1 year I was experiencing extreme pain in my lower back. I did regular physiotherapy for a period of 3 months. I also used several ointments to numb the pain with no help. I referred to Dr. Glatter by a friend. He used the activator technique. I have improved. I am now able to sit up without pain and I am able to sleep a whole lot better and this was after the first 2 weeks of treatments. Chiropractic works!
Linette B
I had left hip pain for 5 years. I referred to Dr. Glatter by a friend. I had no doubts about visiting a chiropractor. I was a previous chiropractic patient many years ago. I had an exam and X-rays. My first decompression treatment went well, no complaints. I saw a major improvement, I’m feeling better overall. Overall back improvement. Dr. Glatter does a great job. Well pleased with my experience here. His assistant is great.
Cliff A
I had severe pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, elbow and wrist, also, pain in the upper back and upper chest. I suffered 3 weeks of poor sleep before getting proper attention. I was taking painkillers, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Aleve and Robaxacet. I was referred to Dr. Glatter by a co-worker and my wife. I had never had chiropractic care before. I was apprehensive and unsure. In the initial exam and X-rays testing for pain and spinal alignment I was checked for pronation due to poor foot arches. Had some manual adjustments but the majority of the treatments were done with the activator. Though I believe some symptoms were atypical and the treatments were uncomfortable, the first treatment was easier than I expected. I did not think I would be able to stay with the treatment plan. Glad I stayed with it. I would say I am 90% better overall. Pain has been greatly reduced to the point where I can sleep and function normally. It has been roughly 3 months of treatments and we’re almost there. The improvements may not be fast but the treatments are very effective. Don’t try to be tough. Explain what hurts. Speak up if you feel something different or painful.
Kelly L
I had pain in the left shoulder for 8 plus years. I was referred to Dr. Glatter by my parents. The pain was much less after the third treatment.
Joe P
I suffered with lower back and mid-back and neck pains. Now I feel better, only feeling numbness. I had tried osteopathy and physiotherapy. I saw an advertisement in the paper about spinal decompression. I felt better with this treatment and I don’t have that much numbness any more. For myself, this is a good treatment. I will tell my friends and family if they have problems like me. Thank you.
Suganthi S
I had a major herniated disc, L4. I suffered with lower back pain, pinched nerve, sciatic pain periodically, numbness/tingling in the toes and bottom of my feet and reduced flexibility. I tried the medical approach, medication and physiotherapy. I saw an advertisement for spinal decompression in the newspaper. I had an initial assessment and X-rays to assess the degree of the problem. I was provided with a back support to assist with the treatments and exercises. I had 20 sessions of decompression and chiropractic adjustments over 6 weeks. Overall improved flexibility and less pain and pinched nerve frequency. Dr. Glatter was very open, caring, patient and friendly, very eager and concerned to help you improve your condition.
Mike M
Following a lengthy drive from Florida, my back and buttocks became very sore and I had pain down my left leg. This pain has continued with intensity varying from day to day during treatments. Previous treatments included physiotherapy and the use of heat. I was referred to Dr. Glatter by a friend who had received chiropractic care for her pain. Following the assessment by Dr. Glatter, I decided on his treatments of spinal decompression and adjustments. The pain has lessened in the 10 treatments I received over the last month. My pain still varies from day to day depending on how much activity I am doing. Chiropractic care is a gentle treatment without fear.
Thelma S
My pain was in my lower back. It was very intense and getting out of bed was terrible. I was screaming with pain and crying at the same time. I had physiotherapy and massage for 6 months and they did absolutely nothing. I saw the ad in the Brampton Guardian for decompression treatments. An examination and X-rays were done and I had 2 vertebrae pinching a nerve. The X-rays also showed a curvature in my spine. Dr. Glatter explained what would be done and as I had gone to chiropractors for years and really thought this would help. The decompression treatment as to get the 2 vertebrae pulled apart. This released the nerve that was being pinched. This treatment was painless. I have completed 20 treatments. After 16 or 17 treatments I could feel improvement and by the 20th treatment the nerve was completely released and I was free of that pain. No more crying or screaming getting out of bed. I am now taking weekly adjustments to straighten my spine and I am feeling better every day. Friends are constantly telling me what a difference they can see in me and that the pain is gone from my eyes and face. I also find myself using my walker less and less.
Beryl P
I had severe low back pain that traveled down my legs. I saw my family doctor, and he said that there was nothing he could do to help me. My father had back problems and he went to a chiropractor so I didn’t hesitate to go. Dr. Glatter sent me for X-Rays and assessed what was causing my pain and started me on a treatment program. I went from barely being able to walk to being completely PAIN FREE!! There is something you can do about your back pain, don’t be afraid to see a chiropractor.
Lloyd V
I suffered with shoulder pain. I had a friend who went to a chiropractor for an injury. I was not sure if it would work but the treatment by Dr. Glatter has proven me wrong. Dr. Glatter worked on improving my shoulder to get it back to health. My shoulder no longer hurts and I am able to go about my daily routines stress and pain-free. I would recommend others to see Dr. Glatter for their injuries. It helps.
Onique J
My back injury did not allow me to sit for almost 2 years. The pain was agonizing. I could only lay in bed or stand for short periods of time. It turned my life upside down. I was unable to return to work and I had to resign without any compensation. I went for physiotherapy for 1 1/2 years and they weren’t able to diagnose the problem. I became very frustrated. I was very desperate that I Googled “Best Chiropractor in Brampton” and found Dr. Glatter!! Dr. Glatter knew from my first assessment and X-Rays what my problem was. Every treatment I have had with Dr. Glatter has helped me to regain my health. I still have some nerve pain, but on a scale from 1-10, it is now a 3. I definitely have improved and I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Glatter. I wish I had met him a lot sooner. Dr. Glatter is intelligent, kind, respectful and heals those he treats. I am so grateful to him. I highly recommend Dr. Glatter. I have given my family doctor his name and some business cards so she can refer her patients to this Chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Glatter!!!
Jane C
I suffered with left leg pain and I could not walk for 2 months. I tried massage, acupuncture and reflexology treatments with no success. I saw the ad in the Brampton Guardian. I had a consultation and Dr. Glatter explained what could be done to help with the spinal decompression. I have improved a lot, it took about 1 month to start seeing results. I recommend Dr. Glatter and I’m very happy with the results.
Antonio N
I had a history of lower back pain, and back strain with misalignment of the spine. Every 4 weeks, my back would go out of alignment and I would be leaning to one side with severe lower back pain. It would usually happen in the morning and it would last 2-3 days. I tried osteopathy, pain medication, anti-inflammatories and bed rest. I was referred to Dr. Glatter by my neighbour. I did have concerns about chiropractic techniques and I was concerned that the treatments would be too aggressive. Dr. Glatter used a gentle adjusting technique called the Activator with very good results. I was also given stretching exercises to help loosen up the muscles, especially in the morning. I noticed the improvement quickly after a few treatments. Overall I feel better. Some days I still have some lower back discomfort, but the episodes are shorter in duration.
Rani H
I had a herniated disc and a pinch nerve. I suffered with lower back pain, and numbness in the right thigh. I was suffering for 4 months and the pain was slowly getting worse. It got to the point where I had trouble sleeping at night due to the pain. I tried physiotherapy for 6 months, then I was on pain medications for 3 months. I had seen an ad in the Brampton Guardian. I had no doubts or reservations about seeing a chiropractor. I always heard people talking how going to a chiropractor had helped them with their back problems. I just hoped that it would have the outcome for me. Dr. Glatter did a full assessment and showed me what and where my problem was. He recommended I do 20 spinal decompression treatments and spinal manipulations using the Activator. I feel that I have improved, and I can now sleep at night with no pain. I am no longer taking any pain medications. I noticed that my back was feeling better and better with each passing week. It seemed that it took 6 treatments before there was a steady improvement. I have only heard good reviews about Dr. Glatter. Chiropractic worked for me. Do it, all you have to lose is your pain!!
Sil T
If anyone has ever suffered from lower back pain you will understand exactly what I mean when you feel like your world the way you used to know it is coming to an end. Your back has stabbing, unbearable pain that shoots down your Sciatic nerve into your legs, rendering you hopeless to do your daily activities. That’s what recently happened to me, I was unable to enjoy the things I loved most, like jogging, walking and most of all, participating in any family functions. The pain in my lower back was so unbearable I was unable to stand up straight, my back muscles were unable to support my upper torso, so I had to crawl around my house on my hands and knees. Thankful for the support of my husband, I was able to see my General Practitioner who prescribed both pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs, but to no effect. I then began seeing my Physiotherapist and received numerous Acupuncture treatments again with no results. After several weeks I became so frustrated and began feeling very depressed. I felt I had only one option left and that was to see a Chiropractor. I found Dr. Glatter’s office in the Yellow Pages and contacted him immediately. We briefly discussed my symptoms and I was able to arrange an appointment the very next day. Once I arrived, he assessed my condition and requested I take X-rays. When I returned for my next appointment he advised me my condition was related to a Herniated Disk and started treatment immediately. Within 3 days, my pain had subsided and I was able to stand up straight, I could hardly believe it!! I am not fully recovered, however, I will continue to see him until my full mobility is restored and the pain is gone. I only asked myself why didn’t I see him sooner?
Belinda B
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