Physiotherapy Brampton

Physiotherapy in Brampton

We offer a wide variety of physiotherapy modalities in our Brampton office, such as Laser, Ultrasound, Interferential and Low Volt, and cryotherapies to aid and accelerate the healing process by decreasing inflammation, muscle spasms and pain.

When you’re looking for physiotherapy specialists in Brampton that understand the full range of effective treatments and what each can do, look no further than Brampton Chiropractor Dr. Arnie Glatter. Serving the needs of Brampton clients for the past 33 years makes him the logical choice when it comes to the best methods to alleviate pain.

We even offer some helpful hints so you can prevent falls as you get older. For example, did you know that strengthening your balance by standing on one leg from time to time or walking a line is a good idea? If you work on or around computers, taking a break every half an hour to stand and move around is another excellent preventative measure.

If there is a problem, we offer a variety of great ways for our Brampton clients to get in touch with us. Take advantage of our Brampton Chiropractor services by phone, fax or email as well as our handy online form.

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