Facet Syndrome Treatment Brampton

Facet Syndrome Treatment in Brampton

Clients looking for a Brampton Chiropractor need to be sure they have a thorough expert working with them that can help with a variety of different issues.

The joints located on the back part of the spine that help align the vertebrae are called facet joints. A degenerated or injured disc accompanied by pain, swelling and stiffness can result in the condition known as facet syndrome. While rest generally helps to relieve the pain associated with this condition, motion can increase the pain.

Dr. Glatter is the Brampton Chiropractor that specializes in helping patients alleviate this and other kinds of problematic back pains. Our convenient location in the Heart Lake Medical Building makes visiting easy, and checking out the testimonials on our website will highlight what satisfied clients just like you think of our facet syndrome treatment services. Symptoms of facet syndrome can include headaches and neck pain that can result in a loss of movement.

To learn more about facet joint and other chiropractic treatments in Brampton, Caledon, Woodbridge and Mississauga, call our Brampton Chiropractor Dr. Arnie Glatter.

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